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World Stock and Bond Trade Ltd. is a secure international platform setup to list various types of authentic stock certificates and bond certificates available for stock trading online. The stock and bond certificates are displayed on our website for public viewing and the ability to purchase, however they may entail a significant risk potential to investors. World Stock and Bond Trade Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any information provided by sellers about their stock certificate or bond certificate shown on our bulletin board, and does not, in any way, warrant the accuracy of such information. As the operator of the bulletin board, World Stock and Bond Trade Ltd. assumes no responsibility of any kind, as a consequence of a person's use of the information as a basis for investment decisions or considerations. World Stock and Bond Trade Ltd. is not regulated by any government or regulatory body. World Stock and Bond Trade Ltd. recommends that all investment decisions be made with due and careful consideration, and if needed, that professional investment advice is sought before entering into an investment when stock trading online. Buyers of any certificates shown on the World Stock and Bond Trade Ltd. website should be qualified institutional buyers only. Furthermore, all stock and bond certificates shown on this site are restricted.


Our site is an exchange for international buyers and sellers to view and trade certificates.