Stocks and bonds are two of the most common investment securities available. They are generally considered to be staples of a well-diversified, solid hedge fund.


Bonds are IOU's, acknowledging that money has been borrowed and is to be paid to the holder of the bond at a specified rate over a predetermined period of time. Federal governments, municipalities, and individual companies are all major issuers in the bond market because bonds promise to pay back an investor’s principal plus a fixed rate of interest. Considered to be less risky than stocks, which could either grow at unpredictable rates or lose value in the bond market. 


Stocks are a share of ownership, or equity, in a company. An investor who owns stocks in a company is a part-owner of that company, along with all the other stockholders. As such, they have a claim on the company’s assets, as well as voting rights in company matters.

Unlike bonds, stocks do not guarantee a certain amount of return on investment, they actually guarantee no return at all. In other words, it’s possible to lose all or part of the investment.

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